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Focus on Photography Video Series

by David Peterson 2 comments

Would you like to take breathtakingly gorgeous and incredibly stunning pictures every time you press the shutter button? You can! And you don't need to spend thousands on photography courses or video equipment.

I've created a series of videos that shows you a few simple guidelines that will vastly improve your photography skill. Even if you have only just picked up a camera and know little or nothing about photography.

Join Amy Renfrey (a professional photographer and photography teacher) and myself, as we go 'behind the scenes' to explain some of the tricks and techniques she uses to create her amazing photographs. Watching the videos, you'll get an inside track to the decisions she makes and techniques she uses as a pro photographer. Techniques you can use yourself to take your own spectacular shots!

Amy has been super generous and even shares with us some photos that didn't work at first. And then she explains how she improved them.

Video One is available now here. We discuss the ins-and-outs of stunning portraiture. I'll send you the next three videos via email over the next 3 days. All up, there's over 1 hour of video absolutely bursting with exciting content. I think you'll agree after watching the videos that Amy has a great deal to share and does so using plain, easy to understand English. No technical jargon allowed!

Amy not only teaches photography, she produces a periodical named Focus Ezine. If you subscribe to Focus, as one of my valuable readers, Amy will throw in an extra $441.82 of photography material for free. But only for a limited time. See more information on this page.

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  1. Leo Kirk says:

    A huge THANKS David.
    As a disabled OAP in South Africa, it is wonderful to receive ALL FREE so many useful photographic tips & tricks.
    It really helps me enjoy my hobby. Leo.

  2. Marlo says:

    Thank you David......I am doing a Photography Course online.....not easy but you videos help so much, Marlo

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