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Finally revealed... Digital Photo Secrets Video Course

by David Peterson 8 comments

Over the last few weeks, I've been sharing some cryptic clues about my first new course in 5 years. Until now, I've just called it 'the plan'. Well, the plan is finally revealed! It finally has a name, and I'm proud to announce it will be available very shortly! I know this will help you propel your own photography to completely new levels!

I've created a short 4 minute video with lots more details. Click through the link to watch!

[ Update: My Course has been released]


Hi, I'm David from Digital Photo Secrets, and I've been teasing over the last few weeks about what I'm doing next. I've been calling it 'the plan' and it's been great to get your feedback on my website and blog about what you think the plan might be. Most of you are right in that it is about photography.

So today I'm really excited to announce my brand new product, to Digital Photo Secrets. It's a video product and it's called Digital Photo Secrets Video!

It's my first release in 5 years and I'm really proud and excited to be able to share it with you very shortly.

And here’s why I think you’ll like it. From me 8 years of teaching photography, I understand what most people want to use their camera for.

Do you want to take memorable images of family events? Have you ever been at a wedding or another significant event like a 21st birthday. After enjoying the event taking lots and lots of photos, when you get home and look at the results on your computer, you're extremely disappointed. Your images are hardly memorable! They're either blurry, don't capture the subjects properly, or don't capture the mood of the event. Those memories are lost to you forever.
Wouldn't it be sensational, instead, to open your photos the next day to see your memories faithfully captured inside your camera. Photos that you're happy to share - in fact your relatives will be pestering YOU for copies.

I want to make sure you are able to remember those special moments in years to come.

So in Digital Photo Secrets Video course, I show you techniques to allow you to take better photos no matter where you are. They are easy to remember, and easy to use so you don’t have to take a complex manual with you. You won’t have to remember lots of stuff in your head. I teach simple techniques that are really easy to master.

You may want to use your camera to take breathtaking images of something that you have seen. Have you even been in your garden, and you notice a brilliant flower. Know how to take an enduring photo so you'll be able to cherish it forever, long after the flower has gone.
Maybe you’re travelling. Rather than taking the stock standard photograph of the eifel tower that everyone takes, maybe you want to spice it up a little bit. Add a bit of interest to your image. Something that makes the visit personable - to prove you were there. Something so the photo is memorable to you rather than a standard image that maybe you could have cut from a magazine.

I want you to fall in love with your photography.

I’ve packed all my wisdom about photography and put it all into my Digital Photo Secrets Video course.

Of course, I cover the basics. But I also help you master the more complex technical aspects of your camera like Depth of field, Shutter speed and focal lengths. I’m a big believer in teaching the results rather than the cause, so you don't need to know the technical details of your camera to take lasting photos.

In Digital Photo Secrets Video Course, I’ve got a whole section on what to do in common situations. So if you are at a wedding, or want to take a photograph of a waterfall, or maybe of fireworks, or indoors, I give you specific information tailored to each one of those situations, and plenty more. So rather than wading through pages of information, or watching hours of video, you’ll just need to watch a quick 5 minute session to get the essential scoop for that specific circumstance.

There is a big practical section inside Digital Photo Secrets Video Course as well. When you practice something, it helps you remember it. So I'll walk you through the techniques discussed so they lock into your brain.

The techniques in Digital Photo Secrets Video Course are applicable to both Point and Shoot and DSLR cameras, so no matter what kind of camera you have, you'll soon be taking some impressive pictures.

I'm putting the finishing touches on Digital Photo Secrets Video Course right now and... oh... almost forgot!

I'm finalizing a collaboration with a well known photographer. I'll be able to say more about that next week, so stay tuned. Exciting things are ahead that I think will really help you with your photography.

Digital Photo Secrets Video Course will be available at the start of June. So look forward to that, and I look forward to being able to share it with you. Thank you for watching!

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  1. stephen turton says:

    hi david thanks for all your tips on photography,
    i am now taking photos at weddings and soon starting a business
    with my wife , she makes wedding dresses and cakes,

      meny  thanks ,  stephen  dudley west midlands
  2. David Bailey says:

    Looking forward to the new digital photography course on email. I have also been on a camera course that has also helped me settings. Thanks for all your knowledge that you give in your emails.

  3. Bill says:

    David, cannot wait....really looking forward to this exciting video course.All your techniques have certainly improved my image captures...many thanks mate...Bill ,Merseyside

  4. Ross Simshauser says:

    David, I am certainly looking forward to your next teaching video as I
    have already learned heaps from your Digital Photo Secrets series.

  5. saleem says:

    Excellent, of course your plan will be very useful to the enthusiasts of photography like me.

  6. Terri Fulper says:

    David, thanks in advance for your up coming videos. I am so looking forward to them. I'm a novice in DSLR photography and have many issues cleared up!

  7. Patricia Gilbert says:

    Thanks David for the video promoting your Digital Photo Secrets Video Course to be available in June. I look forward to receiving more information about it.

    I don't know if you are ever asked for special tips for someone, like me, who is wheelchair bound. I am a volunteer co-ordinator of a digital image club which meets once a month. I set the members a challenge each month and once a term we go on a photography outing. I find being in a wheelchair restricts me quite a bit as not all terrain is wheelchair friendly and it's impossible for me to get down low or up high.

    I enjoy receiving your tips and try to put them into practice.

    Thank you very much.

  8. Alistair says:

    David,I,m a complete novice, and really look forward to your teachings. Thanks in advance regards Alistair from north Wales

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