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Digital Photo Secrets Video Released in 5 days

by David Peterson 3 comments

I don't usually share much of my personal life here, but I had to share an interesting convergence of dates.

My sister is currently (very) pregnant with her fourth child, and coincidentally her due date is the exact same day as I'll be releasing my Digital Photo Secrets Video course. 11th June. In less than 5 days.

[ Update: My Course has been released. And my sister had a healthy baby boy!]

The two dates being identical is completely fluky, but it got me thinking of the parallels. Digital Photo Secrets Video Course is my own 'baby' - I've spent many months crafting over 150 videos that explain why you're constantly disappointed with your own photos. I'll show you how to dramatically improve your photography skills so you'll never be disappointed again. Turns out, you don't need a new camera (or even a good camera) or loads of special equipment to start taking memorable masterpieces. The techniques I teach are simple and natural.

And just like my sister has been getting the baby's room ready (she doesn't know yet if the baby is a boy or a girl. She has better willpower than me - I would want to know!), I've been going over my own preparation for launch day. I've re-watched all 20 hours of video to make sure I haven't left anything out. And I've ordered extra server capacity so my site won't go down (videos can take a lot of bandwidth!).

New parents let their family and friends know of the new arrival, followed by a more public announcement in the newspaper (or on Facebook).

I think of you (and all my readers) as part of my own family. So I'd like to give you the opportunity to be notified first of my new arrival.

To be the first to know when my Digital Photo Secrets Video Course is released (before the public release), enter your first name and email address in the form below. My usual email rules apply - I won't share your email with anyone.

I'm about as excited as a bee in a flower garden. I can't wait until Tuesday!

Until Then,


P.S. There's another big reason to get in early - the first 50 people who purchase Digital Photo Secrets Video Course will be invited onto a live teleseminar call with me where you can pick my brains. I'll answer any photography-related question you have.

P.P.S. If you missed it last week, take a look at a sneak peek of one of the videos in the course - taking photos of Fireworks. Perfect for the 4th of July celebrations coming soon.

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  1. Dale says:

    Hi. I sat down and watched the videos in the basic course "The Fundamentals of Digital Photography" and I'm impressed. They are all very informative and well put together. A job well done! Good luck from Dale in the USA

  2. Berdine says:

    Hi David

    Congratulations and well done! All the Best
    South Africa

  3. Ross Simshauser says:

    I am looking forward to seeing your new video course and hope it goes very well for you.
    Best wishes,

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