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Win Photography Awards By Following David's Tips

by David Peterson 3 comments

I received a lovely email from Gabriel Parsons this week. He recently took a wonderful photo a waterfall at the Balita falls in the Philippines. He entered the image into ViewBug's competition area and received a commendation from the judges on the photo. It's not surprising either - it's a spectacular image showing off the blues of the water; the greens of the forest floor; and the water streaming down the waterfall.

Gabriel said "David thank you for the wonderful articles I have learned so much from you!!".

Well, thanks Gabriel, but you deserve all the praise for that image... and for deciding to enter it in a competition. Sometimes that's the hardest thing to do.

I asked Gabriel how he took the image.

At first I had problems blurring the water sufficiently in a waterfall scene. I followed the tips in your article Waterfall Digital photography, with almost immediate success.

The following technique and equipment were used: Camera Nikon D5100. Lens Nikon DX 16-55mm. ISO125- f22- shutter speed 25s I stacked two filters a Hoya CPL and a Hoya ND8. I included the CPL filter to neutralize the reflection on the water. A Benro Tripod and Nikon remote controller.

The water had a natural blue reflection. Post processing was minimal I adjusted the lighting to brighten the overall scene and the color of the water. and did a bit of cropping and sharpening.

The theory I learned from various articles from Digital photography. After that it was trial and error learning.

I may add that I used a number of the articles such as photographing stars, lightning, light trailing with excellent results. Your articles are invaluable to me.

So if you are thinking of entering a competition but don't think your photos are good enough. Chances are, they are better than you think. Try uploading to one of the many competition websites like ViewBug (but watch out for fake competition sites) and see how you go. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Just like Gabriel.

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  1. Ica says:

    Congrats, Gabriel! Very nice, indeed. It almost feels like standing in there looking at the waterfall.

  2. Barb Feggestad says:

    Congratulations, Gabriel Parsons!

  3. Barb Feggestad says:

    Very lovely waterfall It looks soft and gentle. The setting is, well can I say - pretty as a picture .- everything seems to be in balance, for me anyway! Color - different shades of green, rocks, & how the light hits them; white of the water, and the action of the water falling in what could be a crystal clear pool.

    Barb F

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