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Outstanding Lomographic Images

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Lomography is the low-tech branch of photography that gives you permission to be creative and break every rule you ever knew about composition, lighting and technique. Lomographic cameras are notable for their cheap, plastic construction and plastic lenses, which leads to quirky images with flaws generally considered undesirable by traditional photographers: vignetting, soft focus and light leaks, for example. Lomographic cameras use film, which is often manipulated to create strange color casts (cross processing slide film with negative chemicals is one technique, using expired film is another). If you're tired of always following those pesky rules, a basic lomographic camera will give you the freedom to experiment and create something really unique.

[ Top image Kehaar by Flickr user lomokev]

  • Apple iPhone
  • 2.8

Coffee & news by Flickr user Antonio Carrillo (Ancalop)

My Cosmos.花 漾 by Flickr user Fabienne Lin

  • Fujifilm SP-2000

team enngland by Flickr user lomokev

Summer at its best... by Flickr user Trapac

  • Fujifilm SP-2000

dog by Flickr user lomokev

Tangled... by Flickr user Trapac

Waterloo Waiting... by Flickr user Trapac

Man Eater by Flickr user stOOpidgErL

Day 290/365 ~ Often While Traveling with a Camera We Arrive Just as the Sun Slips over the Horizon of A Moment, Too Late to Expose Film, Only Time Enough to Expose Our Hearts by Flickr user Amanda Mabel

free are the birds - voli imprevedibili by Flickr user cHr1st1an S images

  • Fujifilm SLP1000SE

Cliff Jump by Flickr user Cormac Phelan

    whitby pier by Flickr user lomokev

    • Fujifilm SP-3000

    Greenwich Village Skyline by Flickr user Cormac Phelan

      horses #12 by Flickr user lomokev

      • Fujifilm SP-3000

      Airport Blur by Flickr user Cormac Phelan

      • Fujifilm SP-2000

      turner an't got nothing on me by Flickr user lomokev

      • Fujifilm SLP800

      Lomo 06▸01 by Flickr user ukaaa

        uk lomo 03-02 by Flickr user Girla Obscura

        • NORITSU KOKI QSS-32_33

        tree by Flickr user but_those_are

        • Diane+
        • 100
        • f/8.0
        • 0.01 sec (1/100)

        Lomo train by Flickr user kevin dooley

        Day 21 - Orchids by Flickr user NeverTheGroom

        • Eximus Extra Wide & Slim

        Botanical Gardens by Flickr user kevin dooley

          Chinese New Year, Chinatown, New York (Supersampler) by Flickr user ravikjolly

            Trees by Flickr user cabledawgtke

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