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Digital Photo Secrets Worldwide Experiment - Win a Camera!

by David Peterson 39 comments

Welcome to my first worldwide photography experiment!

With your help, I'm aiming to see the world in snapshots at a specific moment in time!

Help me out, and you'll be in the running to win a 12megapixel Canon PowerShot SD780IS*!

I have subscribers all around the world to my photo tips, and I'd like to see your surroundings - be they ordinary, or weird and wonderful.

So, at 10:30am this Saturday morning, I'd like you to take a photo where you are and upload it to my special Snapshots section.

Update: That's 10:30am your local time. Everyone around the world will be taking their shots at slightly different times - when YOUR watch says 10:30am.

It doesn't matter what the photo is about. It can be of your house, the countryside, cooking breakfast, getting a manicure, anything! I'd love to see some more wacky shots though - if you're working in a supermarket, maybe you can stack some tinned tomatoes in a crazy pile and take a photo of that!

It doesn't matter what camera you have. If you only have a camera phone available, use that. If you don't have a camera phone, please make sure you take your camera with you Saturday morning so you can take a shot wherever you are at 10:30am.

Win this camera!

It doesn't have to be a fantastic shot, but please put a little effort into it. Maybe you and your friends could dress up for the occasion! Or maybe you can take a photo of the sandcastle (or snow castle) you just created.

One random person who uploads a photo will win the Canon camera! The only rules are that it must be taken at (or close to) 10:30am local time on Saturday 19th June, 2010. It must be taken be you. You must upload your photo within 48 hours of you taking it. And you must register for an account on my snapshots site and upload your photo using that account. If you'd like to upload your photo anonymously, that's fine, but you can't be in the running for the camera.

(Oh, and if you include friends in the shot, make sure they're okay with you uploading the photo to the Internet).

I've created a special website where you can upload your photo. You'll also see photos from other subscribers as the 10:30am time goes around the globe! New Zealand and Australia will be first, then Asia, Europe and finally the USA.

I'll be helping someone move house on Saturday morning, so my shot will probably be of a moving van! I'm looking forward to seeing what YOU will be doing!

Share With Friends

Anyone can participate, so get your friends involved! Retweet my announcement, or use the hashtag #snapshotsat.

Or follow me on Twitter. I'll be highlighting some of the best uploaded photos on the day, as well as sharing some experiences my subscribers have had with this experiment.

How To Upload

Here's how to upload your image once you have taken it:

  • If you can't accept delivery of a camera from Amazon in your country, I'll send you a gift voucher for the same amount.

Good luck, and happy snapping!


  1. Marion Darlington says:

    Sorry I didn't find this until the next day. Would love to join in next time. Awesome idea. Now to check out the photos.

  2. JohanB, RSA says:

    Hi everyone,

    Don't you think it is time for "another moment in time"

  3. Kelly says:

    oooh - so many photos!!! and so many from my home country - love it love it love it :-)

  4. Kelly says:

    awwww .... i missed this! it would have been a photo either from the hospital with my Oupa or party preparations for my mum's 60th (can't remember what i was doing at 10h30) ... and it would have been a photo from Sunny South Africa in Winter time :-) hope i get to participate in the next one - sounds fun ... right - i'm off to see the photos from those awake enough to participate x-x-x

  5. N. Nel says:

    Wow. This is a lot of photo's and some unique ones to. I suggest that your next project to be night shots. Most of the shots from South Africa is about thid biggest event at present in our country. Soccer World Cup.

  6. Bill Lawrence says:

    Hey David
    If this works please do it again, I took a photo at the correct time and then promptly forgot to up load it........sorry. I love to be able to view the photo's that were taken though if that's possible. Thanks for the many great tips.

  7. Manishchini says:

    Thanx. I missed the chance. I will wait for another one

  8. Chrissy says:

    Hi I took pictures but have been away all weekend and am not back home till later today so missed dead line. maybe a little more time next time.Happy shooting

  9. marlon says:

    thanks Zygis!

    I downsize mine to 50% and it work... :)

  10. zygistudio says:

    Nice to hear that my advice to resize photos helped, Benjamin!

    For me it was strange too because Upload site stated that everything is UNLIMITED :)


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