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The Photography Dash Starts 1 February 2014

by David Peterson 2 comments

The Photography Dash Is Back!

What is it? The Photography Dash is designed to accelerate your photography skills by helping you to practice something new with your camera a couple of times a week in a supportive environment. It gets you out and practicing your photography, so that when you next need to use your camera on a special family occasion (or maybe just because you saw something you'd like to take a photo of), you will know exactly what to do to take spectacular photos.

The Dash does this by giving you a new camera skill to learn twice a week, along with a photographic challenge to help you 'lock' that new skill into your brain! You'll be able to upload that image to a private community to share your accomplishments, and you can see how other participants have tackled the challenge too (particularly handy if you're stuck for ideas).

For instance, one skill in the "Your Camera's Settings" stream of the Dash is to learn all about shutter speeds, and Shutter Priority Mode. You'll lean how shutter speed affects your photo; and what shutter speeds to use in common situations. The challenge will get you using the different shutter speeds on your camera so you'll know how each of the shutter speeds affect your image.

Learn the photography skills now so they'll be second nature when you need them.

My original Photography Dash and Christmas Dash courses were wildly successful helping over 1,500 photographers improve their photography skills.

And it's back for 2014; bigger and better than ever!

The Dash now runs for 1 month which gives you more time to experiment, or work your photography into an already busy life. I'm also running two streams of Photography Dash simultaneously, with new dashes (and fresh content) each and every month!

If you've taken part in the Photography Dash, The Photography Amble, or the Christmas Dash previously, the main points of the Dash stay the same. However, I have made some improvements to the course. Read about all the improvements to the Photography Dash.

Find out all about the February Photography Dash here.

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  1. David Peterson says:


    To answer your questions:
    - Yes, you will receive 4 email per week (a new email every few days) and can upload 4 images a week if you participate in both Dashes.
    - There is a time limit for critiques so you'd need to submit all your images by the first week of May. However, I'm taking registrations for Gold/Platinum on a month-by-month basis (you can register for Gold in the month before that Dash starts). So I recommend you sign up for the 6 months of Dash, and skip the Gold/Platinum for April


  2. Renate Strub says:

    Hi David,

    Very interesting and a ton of information. Should keep us busy! I have two questions:
    1. If I join both Dahes, does that mean that I will get 4 emails each week and should upload 4 photos each week?
    2. I'll probably join Gold or Platinum, but I'll be away the second half of April with no means of uploading. Can I submit all the photos for the 2 last weeks of April and still receive critiques?

    Thanks a lot.

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