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A Fantastic Response From My Moment In Time Experiment!

by David Peterson 15 comments

Wow, what a response!

Thanks to everyone who participated in my Moment In Time experiment. If you don't remember, it was where I asked my subscribers to take a photo around them at 10:30am, Saturday 19th June. In the end, there were over 600 gorgeous photos uploaded and they really show the diversity of our world.

And The Winner Is

As part of this experiment, I promised to give away a camera to a randomly selected photo from those uploaded with an email address. That winner is Michael Greer from Boonville, Indiana. Michael's photo is a wonderful shot of a bee close to a lavender tree.

Michael said "Saturday, June 19th found me running late as usual, 10:15 and I'm still sitting behind the computer. I quickly grabbed the tripod, camera and shutter release and headed for the backyard, knowing there's always a photo to be found in ones backyard.

"The Lavender Bush was alive with bee activity, so using the watering bucket for a seat, I sat up the tripod, focused on what looked like a good flower and waited.

"I shot several images for the next 15 minutes or so, figured if I didn't have a keeper by then, well I tried. I was never able to get a head-on shot of a bee, hard to get a perfect pose from Wildlife.

His camera is a Canon 50D and the photo was taken with a shutter speed of 1/500, F6.3, ISO 200, Focal Length 99mm with a Canon 24-105 is USM lens. Congratulations Michael. Your camera will be sent to you soon.

You can see Michael's original uploaded photo, and while you are on the site, look at the different types of photos uploaded. Click on the 'more' link below the images to show another 24 random images from all those uploaded. Who knows, it may even give you some inspiration for YOUR next photo.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. I've had a number of email from subscribers asking me to repeat the experiment as they either didn't receive my email in time, or were busy that day. So I'll definitely do it again - maybe next season when the fall leaves are falling, or even winter. Stay tuned!


  1. Ghassan says:

    Hi David,
    Thank you for sharing your vast photographic knowledge with a worldwide audience.
    I hope to take part next time in the competition.In the meantime I am now putting a lot
    More effort in trying to learn from your experience n advice.may I wish you a happy
    Easter,n hope you can continue the very good work you are doing.Thnaks,Ghassan

  2. Ann says:

    Congratulations Michael a neat snap.

    Thank you David for this great challenge, it was fun to take part and a delight to see the world at the same time of day.

  3. Yvonne Day says:

    absolutely awesome!!!!!

  4. Willie Nel says:

    The experience will stay for a long time, this was my 1st photo on the net I placed myself.

    I did ask about the size to upload, so I went ahead took the photo, got home and started the process, lol, had to reduce twice before my photo actualy appeared.

    I would have loved to have posted the same photo but at early evening when the Ball gets lit and you have nice rich & lightly dark sunset background (will still take that photo)

    Nelspruit was one of the Host Cities in South Africa, and we were quite proud in hosting the spectical, so I just had to find something to show, the water tower/ball was what I went for.

    Thanks for the giving us this unique chance to see the rest of the world at time "same" time

    May this site grow & grow.


  5. photodesigner says:

    Congratulations Michael Greer!
    I hope to participate participate next time.

  6. photodesigner says:

    David, I am new to SLR photography and the internet. I have so much to learn!
    I didn't know how to contact until now, so I'm over due with my thanks.
    I received your photography tips and wanted you to Know I greatly appreciate you, for sharing your wealth of information!
    God bless you,

  7. Toni says:

    I wasen't ready....I wasen't ready....Hope you do it again :) Soon

  8. Jerry says:

    Your contest was a very good idea(original).I took a picture of two clumps of grass,but couldn't find the address to send it to you.Maybe next time.Keep up the good work.Jerry

  9. Nitin says:

    great photo Michal. Nice shot

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