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April Photography Dash Starts on Tuesday 1st April

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Have you registered for the April Photography Dash yet?

The April Photography Dash follows on from my wildly popular February and March Photography Dashes. In the March Dash, over 700 participants together photographed and shared over 6,000 spectacular images during the month. At the same time as learning heaps about their camera.

The March dash is just completing, and participants are currently uploading images that celebrate their participation in the March Dash. Some have started seeing the world in a new way; others now see patterns everywhere; and yet others are no longer scared of manual mode!

I have opened the Celebrate the Dash area up to the public, so you too can watch the celebrations in progress. Take a look, and read through the breakthroughs some participants have had. I recommend you come back to this page over the next few days as it will update live when new images are posted.

Take your own photography skills to new heights, have loads of fun, and have the opportunity to share your creations with fellow photographers from all around the world with the April Photography Dash

Do you want to be your family's go-to photographer? More than one participant in the February and March Dashes have said their family have been so impressed with their achievements, they have been asked to be the 'official keeper of memories' for family events.

Others have had their friends wonder how their photos got so much better in such a short space of time! They said they have taken their best photos ever.

I highly recommend this course. I have been taking pictures for years and this is the first time I have taken a photograph that looked as good if not better than the real thing! And this was in the first week!!

-- Peter Macready, Guadalajara, Mexico

There are two streams for the April Photography Dash: Landscapes and Sunsets.

Stream 1: Landscapes

There is something amazing about getting out in nature and capturing some of the amazing beauty you see in a Landscape photograph. However, there is a knack for translating that large vista you see into a photograph. And we’ll cover that (and many other aspects of Landscape Photography) in this month’s stream.

Stream 2: Sunsets / Sunrise

Most sunset and sunrise photographs that I see are quite disappointing. But they need not be! With the tricks I’ll teach you here, you’ll capture your very own spectacular sunset images.

Choose the one that works best for you. Or take part in both streams!

Join the Photography Dash Today

Easy and Gratifying Course Material

Twice a week, I'll send you new course material based around a central theme or topic. Along with the course material, I'll also set you a photographic task. The tasks are stimulating and enjoyable. And they will help you to learn how to use your camera.

The Dash will only take 30 minutes twice a week for a month; and is a bargain at only $25 (or even less if you register for more than one Dash).

The April Photography Dash starts on 1st April (no fool!) and as registrations close shortly thereafter, there are only a few days left to get involved.

This course was definitely worth it. As a beginner in photography I have learnt a considerable amount about my camera and what it is capable of doing. I am definitely going to register for the other dashes.

-- Laura

Creativity Abounds

I've been blown away at the creativity and advancement achieved by Dash participants.

Here is just one example.

Sarah Lo registered for both streams of the February Dash (one stream told you all about each of your camera's settings. The other concentrated on Depth of Field - that seldom-understood element that achieves a pleasingly blurry background).

Her first uploaded image was of her daughter. It's typical of many images taken of children engrossed in an activity.

Compare that with the last image she uploaded. You might think that it's two shots in one - but the task I set in the course content for that day was to take a photo through a window into a dark room showing a reflection outside. Sarah managed to photograph her daughter perfectly, as well as capturing a lovely sunset outside AND keeping herself out of the shot. No mean feat!

While those are nice images, they are not photos that jump out at you. But those weren't the only images Sarah uploaded during the Dash. She had a lot of fun with our 'bokeh' challenge. If you aren't aware, bokeh is the term we give to the out of focus parts of an image - in particular the wonderful circles of light in the background:

This was her contribution when I asked Dash participants to zoom in on a subject to create an abstract photo:

And when I showed participants how to take photos with special effects by using a slower shutter speed, this was her entry:

Pretty impressive stuff. And typical of the types of photos YOU could be taking by following along with the April Dash.

Sarah has already registered for the April Dash. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

Why not join Sarah and lots of other like minded photographers from all around the world in the April Dash! But be quick. It starts on Tuesday!

Join the Photography Dash Today

When I initially started this dash I never got out of Auto mode, never ventured to scene modes, never mind thinking of changing an ISO number. (Not that I knew what they were.) David has taken me slowly setting for setting through what each function does. I am absolutely amazed at how much more creative I have become. I am no longer in auto mode and loving it. I still make lots of mistakes, delete many pictures but I feel overall my photo's are far more balanced and pleasing on the eye. I have signed up for 6 months of dashes, cannot wait to see what I have achieved by then. I will be looking back and hiding all my old pictures. I highly recommend the course to anyone, but like everything what you put in is what you get out.

-- Bev Selkon

Bring a Friend!

Participating in The Dash is more exciting and rewarding when you have someone to share it with. You can revel in each other’s successes, and help each other if you get stuck on a challenge. You and your friend can participate in ‘photo shoots’ together bounce ideas off each other.
Free Gifts for Participating with a Friend

Encourage a friend to participate in the Dash, and you will receive a free critique of one of your photos for each friend who participates with you – a $50 value (limited supply – be quick!). And in addition a free copy of Phil Hart’s “Shooting Stars” ebook. I’ll tell you more on the gifts, and how you can get your friends involved once you register for the Dash.

I have been wanting to do a photography class for a long time but could not find the right one.I tried the Dash Class and found it very comfortable for me as a beginner. The pace was right and the content verv comprehensive and easy to follow.Great for inexperienced folks like me.

-- Elizabeth Clarke

Join the Photography Dash Today

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