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Add Magic By Cropping Your Photos The Right Way!

by David Peterson 5 comments

You might know how to crop your photos in your favorite image editing program. But did you know that you can use cropping to add a little magic to your image - making it seem more interesting to anyone who views it?

In the video below, I'll explain exactly how to look at your photo and determine the best way crop for maximum impact. I'll also show you how to best straighten those slanting horizons, and how to correct vertical distortion - those buildings that seem to lean backwards in your photos.

To watch the video, select the image editor you use from the tabs below, then click Play.

This is the Day 1 video of the Post Processing for Photographers course. There are seven more videos in this series. I explain concepts like dynamic range, white balance, masks, clarity, and much much more. And like this video, I don't just show you HOW to make the changes, I tell you WHY so you can apply these techniques to your own photos and give them that 'wow factor' that makes your friends and family want copies!

Along with each video, you can download the images I use - so you can edit along with me. And you'll be able to download the videos too, so you can watch at any time in the future.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Dont just follow David on here, go get your space in one of his dashes. It's inexpensive, enjoyable learning and alot of fun.

  2. Lynn says:

    Fantastic David.A few more tips I did not know and so easy to follow.

    Many thanks.

  3. Cindy says:

    I have not done a photography dash yet, but this video is so helpful, I am inspired to try next months Dash.

  4. Manuel Urdaneta says:

    As usual, your site, is full of very interesting information, to amateur photographers like me.


    Manuel Urdaneta

  5. kareem Tejumola says:

    Very relevant useful and easy to follow

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