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Enhance your Flower Photography during June

by David Peterson 3 comments

Ah, Spring is here (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) and nature is alive with the colors and smells of renewal.

June is an excellent month to be outside with your camera. There are so many new colors and textures to photograph, and everyone seems to be in a much better mood than during the middle of winter.

Fabulous Flower Photography

Spring is also the time when flowers bloom their brightest. And it's the best time to be out and about with your camera photographing the best that Nature has to offer! During June, I'm running a special Photography Dash dedicated to help you take the best photos of flowers you have ever taken!

Would you like to take flower shots like this?

During the June Dash, I'll show you how to get close and capture all the detail of flowers in crisp sharp focus. I'll show you what camera settings you need, how to position your camera, and the 5 things all photographers need to avoid in flower photography.

I'll tell you the best place to position your camera to capture wonderful rows of color like this image...

By Dash Participant Eileen Morgan

... and how to get the focus tack-sharp on the best part of the flower.

By Dash Participant Karen Reekie

Did you notice the additional element in Karen's image above that helps to 'sell' this flower as being fresh? I'll tell you what it is in the course.

I'll show you the best angles to take your flower photos from, and encourage you to find other, more unusual, angles that highlight the best from your colorful subjects. And you'll be able to take your photos anywhere - even at a garden center like the bunches below...

By Dash Participant Nigel Crooks

4 Weeks of Wonder

If you are not familiar with the Photography Dash, it's a month-long photography course designed to help you take much better photos with your existing camera. Twice a week, I'll send you new course material with a fun photographic challenge that helps you 'lock in' the knowledge in the course. Share your image with the hundreds of other Dash participants in our Dash community website - all participating at the same time as you - and receive feedback that will further help you improve your photography.

The June Dash is a continuation of the monthly Dashes I have been running since February. Since Feb, over 27,000 spectacular images have been shared by the thousands in our community - that's over 200 images a day uploaded. Wow!

The Dash will only take 30 minutes twice a week for a month; and is a bargain at only $25 (or even less if you register for more than one Dash).

The June Photography Dash starts on 1st June. Register for the Flower Photography Stream, or the other concurrent stream on Night Photography (or both!).

Course Schedule

Here's what we'll be covering during the Flower Photography Stream in the June Photography Dash:

1. Basic Flower Photography

We'll start with the basics - to get you out and about and shooting beautiful, crisp, and colorful flower photos right away. We'll build on these basics in the rest of the month.

2. Finding the best flower

Not every flower is photograph-worthy. I'll show you how to pick the 'best of the bunch' (and it's not always the one that's the best looking), and some common mistakes photographers make when selecting their petal-ly subject.

3. Look from all angles

I'll teach you to look around - the best flower to photograph is not always your first choice. Today, I'll also show you some of the more unusual angles that make a striking flower photo.

4. Isolating your Flower

You'll want your flower to stand out in your photo, so I'll show you step-by-step the technique to make sure the background doesn't interfere with your flower's beauty.

By Dash Participant Beate Sexton

5. Best composition

Today, I'll show you the common 'flower poses' and also some uncommon ones that are very compelling.

6. Gear

Flower photography is great in that it doesn't usually require much extra camera gear. But if you want to invest in some more advanced accessories (like ring flashes, and different lenses), I'll tell you the ones to get.

7. Weather / Light

It's important to show off the best parts of the flower by photographing it in it's best light - and I'll tell you the best time of day for your photograph (which will surprise you!)

8. Using Manual Mode

Sometimes your camera's auto settings won't capture the best flower photo. I'll show you under what circumstances you should switch to manual mode (if your camera supports it), and de-mystify this sometimes daunting mode.

9. Celebrate!

On our last day, we'll celebrate our accomplishments with our best images from the month.

But Don't Take It From Me...

Rem, Sarah and Norma weren't sure how the Dash would improve their photography, but as you can see from their testimonials below, they are all very happy...

Well, I was invited to be the official photographer of my friend in two separate occasion . The 1st Communion of their kids. They are my living witness to my improvement to photography. And on a very rear occasion is to go out with them for shopping that I would snap a photo for my iPhone. I guess , this is force of a habit?!

-- Rem Lopez, Liverpool, UK

My photographs have improved dramatically since [David's] dash. No more flat or dull photos, now I have eye popping photos on which I never thought I could accomplish until the dash. I am excited on David's future dashes, I do only have one problem though, it's addicting and to much fun!!!!! :) Thank you David for all you have taught me.

-- Sarah Ball, PA, United States

This dash and David and my professional critic team have taught me how to see through the eye of the camera to compose, focus, and produce a great image. Patience, understanding and a great deal of photographic knowledge are provided to me so that I can improve on a daily basis. I enjoy rather than feel apprehensive about using my camera. I am inspired to learn more and more.

-- Norma Fraser, Florida, United States

Bring a Friend!

Participating in The Dash is more exciting and rewarding when you have someone to share it with. You can revel in each other’s successes, and help each other if you get stuck on a challenge. You and your friend can participate in ‘photo shoots’ together bounce ideas off each other.

Encourage a friend to participate in the Dash, and you will receive a free critique of one of your photos for each friend who participates with you – a $50 value (limited supply – be quick!). And in addition a free copy of Phil Hart’s “Shooting Stars” ebook. I’ll tell you more on the gifts, and how you can get your friends involved once you register for the Dash.

Here's another great flower photo taken by our Dash Ambassador, Cath Longley. The texture of the bricks is wonderfully sharp, the shadow is interesting, and the delicate flower is softly colorful. The blurry scattered flowers in the background help to pull the whole image together. A thoughtful and lovely composition.

Photo by our Dash Ambassador, Cath Longley

When I initially started this dash I never got out of Auto mode, never ventured to scene modes, never mind thinking of changing an ISO number. (Not that I knew what they were.) David has taken me slowly setting for setting through what each function does. I am absolutely amazed at how much more creative I have become. I am no longer in auto mode and loving it. I still make lots of mistakes, delete many pictures but I feel overall my photo's are far more balanced and pleasing on the eye. I have signed up for 6 months of dashes, cannot wait to see what I have achieved by then. I will be looking back and hiding all my old pictures. I highly recommend the course to anyone, but like everything what you put in is what you get out.

-- Bev Selkon

Join the Photography Dash Today

Take your own photography skills to new heights, have loads of fun, and have the opportunity to share your creations with fellow photographers from all around the world with the June Photography Dash.

I'd love to see you there!

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  1. Gaylin says:

    Hi David,

    I am interested in the June dash. I would not be able to complete the assignments while working though as I am working 4 and 5 12 hour shifts in a row with 4 or 5 days off in between shifts. Would this be a problem?

    I have enjoyed getting your emails and seeing the photos of the folks who have been taking your dashes.


    • David Peterson says:

      Hi Gaylin,

      You'll be fine. The assignments normally only take 30 minutes to complete (you can complete on your lunch break!), but even if you don't have time during the month you'll be able to go back and revisit the course material even after the end of June.


  2. Leonard Julius says:

    This is my dream to take pictures of simple flowers and make them look as magnificent as God made them,

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