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Master Using Water In Your Photos During July

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Water is a fantastic substance to include in your photos because it's so versatile. You can freeze it in place and see it shimmer and almost glisten in the sunlight. Or create silky water flows in fountains or waterfalls. Just like in these two images:

Images by Dash Participants Jill Courtis and Vickie Deaton

Master Water Photography

During July, I'm running a Photography Dash dedicated to using water to enhance your photography. I'll show you how to set your camera to capture both styles of water image above.

You'll find out the best ways to include water in your own photos, as well as the exact camera settings to capture either silky smooth running water, or to freeze water in your photo.

Wonderful Water is stream 2 of the July Photography Dash:

25% discount for Multiple Dashes

Or learn more about the Dash

Water In Many Forms

We'll utilize water in other forms too. I'll show you how to use still water capture stunning reflections like this photo:

Image by Dash participant Terri Weston

Or use waves to create impressionistic art:

Image by Dash participant Ardath Wolcott

Water has other forms too. Find patterns in ice:

Image by Dash participant Christine Vasarhelyi

And give your photos a spooky quality using mist:

Image by Dash participant Charles Schwarz

4 Weeks of Wonder

If you are not familiar with the Photography Dash, it's a month-long photography course designed to help you take much better photos with your existing camera. Twice a week, I'll send you new course material with a fun photographic assignment that helps you 'lock in' the knowledge in the course.

If you like, you can share your image with the hundreds of other Dash participants in our Dash community website - all participating at the same time as you - and receive feedback that will further help you improve your photography.

The July Dash is a continuation of the monthly Dashes I have been running since February. Since Feb, over 36,000 spectacular images have been shared by the thousands in our community - that's over 200 images a day uploaded. Wow!

The Dash will only take 30 minutes to 1 hour twice a week for a month; and is a bargain at only $25 (or even less if you register for more than one Dash).

The July Photography Dash starts on 1st July. Register for the Wonderful Water Stream, or the concurrent "Dash Blend" stream (or both!).

This epitomizes summer! By Dash Participant Samantha Soto

Course Schedule

Here's what we'll be covering during the Wonderful Water Stream in the July Photography Dash:

1. Fountains and Freezing Fast Moving Water

We'll start by showing you how freeze fast moving water, like in fountains and splashes like the wonderful image above.

2. Photographing Running Water

In Day 2, we'll use a controlled circumstance (running water from your tap) to show the different effects possible by changing settings on your camera. I'll show you the settings to create these three different water images from the same tap:

And we'll also look at other important elements of your image like composition, light and white balance.

3. Droplets / Dew

Adding dew or droplets to a subject like a flower can enhance an image so much by adding light and reflection. It almost always draws the eye in to examine it a bit closer. I'll show you how (and why) to do this in Day 3.

Image by Dash Participant Carol Bremner

And Plenty More

During the rest of the month, I'll show you how to use reflections to enhance your image; how to capture waves and underwater photos; capturing silky smooth waterfalls and much much more.

We'll even have some fun with water. For example, in this image Michelle was experimenting with creating water splash images when the vase broke - fortunately she was able to capture the smashing glass and water in this spectacular shot!

Image by Dash participant Michelle Blount

But Don't Take It From Me...

Just three of the hundreds of glowing testimonials I have received for the Dash:

My nephew is taking photography in college. When I sat down with him not too long ago to compare notes, I was surprised to hear he knew nothing of ISO, Exposure Triangle or Depth of Field. It saddened me that my brother is paying thousands of dollars, and I have learned so much more in just a few months of dashing for just pennies! The lessons are simply written, easily applied and produce astounding results. Not only my photography, but also my love for photography have grown tremendously thanks to David's invaluable lessons.

-- Christine Austin, Pennsylvania, USA

feel the Dash is the perfect way to learn how to use your [camera] - I was a complete novice with my newly acquired SLR and had only used auto on my point and shoot before I joined the Dash. The way the challenges are set up makes you have a go and share your attempts with the community, good or bad, who offer advice on how you can improve your shots or just offer praise, which is always greatly appreciated. I feel I have a family of like-minded friends in the community even though I have never met them personally - it is a lovely idea and works amazingly well - thank you David and helpers for all your support along the way!

-- Lynda McGennity, Preston, UK

My photographs have improved dramatically since your dash. No more flat or dull photos, now I have eye popping photos on which I never thought I could accomplish until the dash. I am excited on David's future dashes, I do only have one problem though, it's addicting and to much fun!!!!! :) Thank you David for all you have taught me.

-- Sarah Hamilton, PA, USA

Join the Photography Dash Today

Take your own photography skills to new heights, have loads of fun, and have the opportunity to share your creations with fellow photographers from all around the world with the July Photography Dash.

I'd love to see you there!

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