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See These Gorgeous Photos By Dash Participant Sharon B-nejad

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I've been blown away at the creativity and photography advancement achieved by Dash participants. Sharon B-nejad has been a regular Dash participant since March, and has consistently improved her photos through the tips and techniques in the Dash.

Here is a sample of her excellent work:

Creativity Abounds

This was Sharon's first effort at a portrait, and she's done a great job. Sharon has captured the intensity of her subject's eyes in this portrait, and cleverly converted the photo to black and white to give the photo a more timeless quality.

Sharon has also created some great flower photos:

I particularly like this one below, because she has managed to capture a leaf in the refraction of light through a water droplet. This was one of the topics I taught in the Flower Dash, and Sharon pulled it off well.

Sharon also has a knack for finding unique photos. One of my challenges in July was to take a photo in a place and an angle around your house you have never used before. Sharon used her laundry and included her husband posing in his (best?) pajamas and slippers. She's removed most of the color from this image so the cream and brown tiles did not distract.

What I like about this photo is the lines on the tiles leading you to the main subject, and the angle it was shot from. The camera was on a bit of an angle (which is normally a no-no) but in this case it works because it adds to the off-beat sense of the photo.

Sharon has learned in other areas too. Take a look at this gorgeous grasshopper photo. In her comments with the image, she said "I have overcome my fear of grasshoppers!!! When I was 6, I accidentally swallowed one trying to catch butterflies and have been terrified ever since. Looking through a macro lens has given me a new perspective on the bug world and I may never kill a bug again."

And she's prepared to take risks. One of July's stretch challenges was to use light to highlight smoke. She used a torch on a piece of string to light the smoke (and the lamp) and even learned how to use manual white balance!

Pretty impressive stuff. All these photos are typical of the types of images YOU could be taking by following along with the August Dash.

Sharon has already registered for the August Dash. I can't wait to see what new photos she comes up with.

Why not join Sharon and lots of other like minded photographers from all around the world in the August Dash! But be quick. It starts in less than a week - on Friday 1st August!

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Take your own photography skills to new heights, have loads of fun, and have the opportunity to share your creations with fellow photographers from all around the world with the August Photography Dash

I highly recommend this course. I have been taking pictures for years and this is the first time I have taken a photograph that looked as good if not better than the real thing! And this was in the first week!!

-- Peter Macready, Guadalajara, Mexico

Have you registered for the August Photography Dash yet?

The August Photography Dash follows on from my July Dash, where over 600 participants together photographed and shared over 7,000 spectacular images during the month.

And learned heaps about their camera.

There are two streams for the August Photography Dash: Black and White, and Macro.

Stream 1: Black and White

Black and white photos are timeless and more artistic than their more popular color counterparts. A black and white image has a surreal and almost dreamlike quality, too; it looks cleaner and has greater depth than a color image. I'll show you how to convert your images to black and white the best way (yes, there is more than one way!), and give you the knowledge to take photos that look absolutely stunning when converted to black and white.

Learn more about creating Striking Black and White photos

Stream 2: Macro Photography

A macro photograph is a photo in which the subject appears larger than it does in real life. Macro images are fascinating to almost everyone who sees them, and that makes macro photography rewarding and exciting. Macro images show us a world we don’t ordinarily stop to look at which is why they are so mesmerizing.

Learn more about creating Dazzling Macro Photography

Choose the one that works best for you. Or take part in both streams!

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