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Interview with Pip Farrow: Exhibiting and Selling Your Photos

by David Peterson 4 comments

I received an email from a Dash participant, Pip Farrow - she was very excited that she had recently created a public exhibition for her photos, and she sold a couple! Here is her email:

Seriously David I owe you all the thanks these last 6 months with [the Dash] have been such a learning curve and I have come such a long way and I owe it all to you and your team.

I am currently in the middle of my very first public exhibition, this is the last week my works are on display. On opening night last Monday I sold 2 of my images. Thank you so very much your course content and the way it's explained and set out is fantastic and I owe my improvement all to you and your team.

-- Pip

Congratulations Pip. I appreciate your attributing all your learning to my team and I, but I think you did most of it! Very well done.

I gave Pip a call and interviewed her briefly about her success, the source of her photos, and how she gained the confidence to exhibit her images. Her story is very moving. Listen to our conversation here, and see the photos she exhibited:

743: unexpected token at 'Forbidden'

See your photos in an exhibition too! Improve your photography with the Photography Dash (closing on 2nd August) and you too could create photos that are good enough to show!

Late News: My Dash participants are certainly kicking goals at the moment. I received another email this morning from Roz O'Shea:

I thought you might like to know I am organizing my first exhibition. In our local cafe. All my friends have been encouraging me to do so .Who would have thought hey!
-- Roz O'Shea

Congratulations to both Pip and Roz.

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  1. Louise says:

    So excited for you, you are going to go places,

  2. Vernon Wentzel says:

    Congrats Pip! And thanks for the brillient idea of having an exhibition!
    I waited for over 60 years for my first DSLR which came as a birthday gift from my daughter in May of this year and just like you I can only attribute my fast-lane success of mastering the art of painting with light to the Wonderful, Kind DAVID PETTERSON!

    I will soon send David some of my Photographs

    Good luck and God bless for the future!!

  3. Shari Meyer says:

    Bravo Pip and Roz!!!!

  4. Lynn Hoffmann says:

    it's so great that Pip and Roz are going from strength to strength as a result of your Dashes!!! Big cudos to you all. In this world, it's great to hear success stories. :)

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