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Create photos that win competitions!

by David Peterson 3 comments

I recently had a chat with Photography Secrets reader and Dash participant Janet Patkowa. Janet has seen her photos improve so much over the last few months of participating in the Photography Dash that not only did she gain the confidence to enter not one, but two photographic competitions... but the judges awarded her second place in BOTH!

I recorded this interview with Janet and asked her how she took the winning photos. Watch the interview here (and see the photos that won her second place):

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Yours in Photography,

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  1. Frank McCartney says:

    Hi David. I've read most of your posts and I'm very impressed with them so far. At the moment I'm waiting to go into hospital for some key-hole surgery on my knee, which is very painfull at times. When I've got that sorted I will think about getting more involved with your courses.

  2. Marina Rutter says:

    Dear David - I have almost lost my enthusiasm for photography, because I had to upgrade to a new computer which has Windows 8 and I can't afford a new Photoshop. I tried Gimp and I can't get it right at all - it is just too difficult. I have been using but really it is only good for a few things. It's clone tool is terrible! What program to you think I can use - which is free??? Kind regards Marina

    • David Peterson says:

      Hi Marina,

      You could try Picasa, but it's very limited in what it can do.

      The only other software I would recommend is Photoshop Elements which is around US$79, so it's not free. Although you might be able to pick it up cheaper from Adobe's site as you are in South Africa:

      I hope that helps.


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