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The Most Popular Digital Cameras

by David Peterson 124 comments

What's the most popular digital camera at the moment?

Well, judging from the uploads to my forum gallery, it's the Nikon D70, closely followed by the Canon 350D (otherwise known as the Digital Rebel XT).

EDIT: See the note at the end of this post for details, but when we merge the 300D, 350D, and the Rebels, we get a different winner!

I tallied all 47,000 photos in the gallery to come up with the below tables. So these results don't show the cameras that pros use, but rather what most hobbyist photographers use.

The top 6 cameras are prosumer models, meaning they have most of the same features of a professional camera, but without the cost. This is quite revealing, because it means that these great cameras have come down in cost enough to be cheap enough for hobbyists to purchase.

The other surprise is that the Sony Cybershot is number 7. This is the only Point and Shoot camera in the top 10, and just goes to show the popularity of this camera.

Now turning to the top Manufacturer list. The top two are no surprise - Canon and Nikon. The interesting thing is that Canon has almost double the number of people using a their cameras than the second placed Nikon. I suggest this is because there are more cheaper Canon cameras available. Fuji is a surprise 3rd, given they only have three cameras in the top 20.

Is your camera one of these? If so, why do you use it? Make a comment below.

Top Camera Models
1 Nikon D70
2 Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL
3 Canon EOS 20D
5 Nikon D50
6 Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL
9 Nikon D70s
10 Canon PowerShot S2 IS
11 FinePix S7000
12 FinePix S5500
13 Sony DSC-H1
15 Panasonic DMC-FZ20
16 Olympus C750UZ
17 FinePix S5000
18 Canon PowerShot S1 IS
19 Nikon D100
20 Sony DSC-F828
Top Manfacturers
1 Canon
2 Nikon
3 Fuji
4 Sony
5 Kodak
6 Minolta
7 Pentax
8 Samsung
9 Olympus
10 Panasonic

EDIT : A lot of comments below have asked what the results would be if we merged the 350D with the Rebel XT, and the 300D with the Rebel since these cameras are the same thing, just branded differently for different markets. So I did that, and merged the D70 with the D70s too since these cameras are also very similar. The results? The 350D is now in top, followed by the 300D, then the D70.

Most people think this post is Interesting. What do you think?


  1. oram43 says:

    strategy can be utilized using a combination of few Giants and lots of Archers.

  2. angleenajozaf says:

    utilized using a combination of few Giants and lots of Archers.

  3. Dick says:

    I have the Olympus C-750. It was a great ultra zoom camera I used for a long time. I have since upgraded to the Olympus E-5 DSLR for faster focus and image stabilization.

  4. chiayuli says:

    I have a Sony 828 for years and I loved the performance it can offer. For two years ago I purchased a Pentax K5. I like both cameras and take with in different situation. I can not say which one is better for everyday use.

  5. Galen says:

    Although I purchased a Cannon EOS Rebel (6MP) some time ago and truly love it , I dicided to recently purchase an Olympus OM-D (16MP). The main reason was because of its all weather construction. It is rain, splash, dust, and sand proof. For the price it was a good choice. It can take 9 frames per second and has an LCD that you can leave on or turn off and use the viewfinder only. It has a touch/tilt screen and most of your settings can be changed on the LCD screen through touch screen technology. It has all the bells and whistles you could possibly need or want.

  6. Chip Wood says:

    Well looking at the list above, I do not see that much on the one I own. It's a Canon 400D XTI, It has the best rez. of any camera that I have owned. I used for the longest the Rebel 35mm film, and loved it. First Digital was a Kodak 3.1 then a 6.1 now the XTi. No complaints on any of them. I love taking all the pictures I want, then keeping what I want. The fact that I can take the lenses from my Rebel film and use them on my XTi. Now I am holding out for a 75 to 300 is lens.

  7. Jennifer F says:

    I totally agree with Bob. I have a Fuji s9000 which I've been using since May. I'm really only a beginner, and I've already won awards with my camera. I plan on furthuring my education of my camera, but find it's a littl ehard alone. I think group discussions on the subject would really help, however, dont' kwno too many people with the same camera. HMMM....


  8. acidfog says:

    number 4 and number 6 r the same, the 300D and the Digital Rebel ;) take care and thx!!

  9. Shona says:

    I like the 350D but lots of people complain it's too small and that a batt grip is definitely needed.

    Also for me, I find it really annoying that the timer and the AV button are side by side! Well, vertically. I often press the wrong one and it gets on my nerves.

  10. george woodson says:

    i have the olympus e500 and like it a lot why doesn't it get more play it takes great pics and is easy to use

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