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Improve your Photographer's Eye

by David Peterson 1 comment

Are your photos boring?

All looking the same. Shot after shot of boring landscapes (you now can't remember where they were taken!) or the same photo of your family every Christmas.

It's time to wake up your Photographer's Eye.

Over the next two months in my Photography Dash. I'm presenting four streams called "Dash Blend". I'll send you new and exciting tasks for you and your camera - all designed to have you seeing the world with your camera in new and interesting ways. And I'll show you the camera settings to use as well.

So you'll know exactly what to do behind the camera to take a great shot.

For example, in one of the topics for the Dash Blend B, I'll show you six ways to take interesting photos of old buildings - they have loads of character. One of my assignments for that day is to find an old building and compose a photo that shows strong symmetry and patterns in the brickwork.

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • 320
  • f/7.1
  • 0.001 sec (1/1600)
  • 24 mm

Abandoned by Flickr user JMS2

There are 24 (optional) assignments per stream each month and you can participate in up to three streams per month. That's 72 ideas every month to help you beat the boredom of 'same old same old' photos.

At the same time, you'll be building a collection of astounding photographs you've taken.

But wait.. there's more! (no steak knives, sorry) Each month, you'll also receive 28 easy-to-understand articles packed with info on all aspects of photography; 72 critiques created by professionals of uploaded images; 24 handy reference cheat sheets; plus help from the best photographers around the Internet.

I promise you; your creative juices will be flowing and you'll will start to see spectacular photo opportunities everywhere!

Two For The Price of One

January is my 10th year of teaching photography on this website, and I'm celebrating by giving away a full month of Dash content to everyone who registers during our December intake. That's your first two months for the price of one!

I promise - you'll have loads of fun with our vibrant community of like minded photographers. And you'll improve your knowledge of your camera at the same time. No special camera needed - participate with a cheap point and shoot!

See the full details of the Dash Blend (and my other stream where I'll help you perfect your Christmas family photos).

But don't just take my word that the Dash enriches your photography. Donna Girardin is a recent graduate of the Dash and sent me these comments:

"This is the 5th dash I've participated in - and it will NOT be my last! I have learned so much in each Dash - topics that built on basics I knew, and many topics that provided new, useful information and skills. I love that the articles, videos & teaching materials are easy to follow and understand, and the hands-on, get-out-there-and-do-it "assignments" and challenges are achievable and are the "cement" to the training. Having people comment on photos I've submitted adds even more to what I have been able to learn - as well as being a great encouragement to me to keep pressing on. The Dashes have been invaluable to my learning - easily the single and most valuable means to achieving improved photos." - Donna Girardin, New York, USA

Come along with us and join the fun!

P.S. There's much more ahead in 2015. In February, the Dash will include an all-video course on Product Photography. Sell your stuff quickly by taking irresistible photos using Pro photographer David Bode's simple techniques.

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