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Get Your Photos On TV!

by David Peterson 49 comments

Last night was a pretty special night for me. One of my photos was shown on TV!

David's Image on TV
Recorded from ABC-TV Australia, 10th November, 2006

The local government owned TV station, ABC Australia, usually shows an image contributed by the public during the weather. Recently, I took a nice image of a bridge near where I grew up. I thought I'd submit this to the ABC to see if they would show it, and amazingly they did! The only unfortunate bit is they did not spell my surname right.

Now while this wasn't a competition that I won, it does demonstrate that you do 'need to be in it to win it'. Do you have a photo that you think is pretty good? Why not enter it in a local photo competition, or send it to your local TV station. Even if you don't think it will win, you may be surprised.

And if your photo is of a current news event, send it to your local newspaper. They are always after photos of local news and may even pay you.

.. oh and the temperatures shown are in Celsius. It doesn't get below freezing much here in Melbourne!

Late News : My photo was shown two more times over this weekend. I think the person who changes the images doesn't work on the weekends. More exposure for me!
Saturday Night Sunday Night
Recorded from ABC-TV Australia, 11th and 12th November, 2006


  1. The Flash says:

    Good on ya David for having your pic on tv - that's fantastic!

    From a graphic design point-of-view, I believe the picture works very well with the type layout. Initially your eye is drawn in by the light area of the bridge (on the right) which takes you to the white type "weather description" where we naturally read down to David's name. Subtly your eye is led up via the far right bridge column to the bridge's perspective and then to the white area of the bridge where we start over again. So Braux, its not just the pic where looking at here, its the overall design - how image and type work together.

    I find the photo alone captures the feeling of a long pleasant afternoon, with the bridge extending into the distance (symbolic of a "long afternoon"). I like the strong lighting - it helps create the mood.

    - A fine picture
    - Mostly sunny reviews with a possible isolated light shower
    - A pleasant 21-25 degrees

     Sydney, AUSTRALIA
     Comments:  The Flash
  2. Elie says:

    Hi, Congrats on that accomplishment Dave! I was just hoping you could provide more info on how to send in your pictures, is there an email you send it to or a website you go to?

  3. FRAN says:

    I liked the picture you have taken. but it is replies and comments like the forst post that I do not post pictures. If your not a pro then don't say crap about how bad they are or how dark they are. dang! jsut my 2 cents.


  4. Pauline says:

    Well congratulations David. I too have had a picture chosen for our local tv news broadcast and it was not one of my best! Your picture to me depicts a nice stroll on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Pam says:

    Nice to see so much commentary on photography. In defence of Braux, criticism is always necessary if we are to improve. I agree with Patrick. Re the lack of tact - read the comment from the perspective of someone to whom English is not a first language. Come on everyone don't be too hard on others. We are all in this to improve ourselves - aren't we? If we can't take a bit of criticism then maybe we should get out of the game. Thanks David, for your valuable contribution to the art. Your web hints and tutorials are great.

  6. Bob says:

    For Erika (and others who may be wondering):

    When I submit a picture to a television station for broadcast, it is a copy of the original sent to them via e-mail. This has produced clearer quality pictures than the scanned pictures they showed. (Although the actual reason for the request for pictures to be sent to them via email rather than via the regular mail is when we had all of those Anthrax scares going around at that time. In the email I state my name, my city, and what the picture is of).

  7. Tine P Martin Sr. says:

    Nice going my friend, I have entered some of mine at our Indiana State Fair, I guess mine
    is not weird enough. I thought
    they were good anyway. I asked Santa for a new camera for Christmas, my wife said I haven't been that good. Best always,

  8. Rhonda says:

    I liked the photo, although I too thought it was a bit dark, but it did make me remember hot sunny afternoons around 4pm on a Sunday. So the photo did its job.

  9. bill symington says:

    Hi David,thank's for your tips and help.
    please keep up the good work.

    Regards bill

  10. Eze A Obulor says:

    Hi David,
    Looking at the picture the first impression or feeling I got was that of CALMNESS. I looked at it the second time and I had the impression of a MOVING TRAIN created by the the bridge in perspective.
    These all ministered to me, but most of all I havefuther been encouraged to KEEP SHOOTING even if you don't make any meaning out of it immediately because it will make meaning later.
    Thanks for being a GREAT ENCOURAGEMENT TO ME and many others.

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