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Keep Your Camera With You Always

by David Peterson 8 comments

Our first winner of the "Power of 5" competition is Robyn Januszewski. Robyn entered a tip that was a common theme (keeping your camera with you always), but she had the best description of why! Congratulations Robyn - I'm sending you a Powershot A630 for your winning entry! - David.

The one thing I have found that produces my best photos is just keeping a camera with me at all times. My best shots are the unexpected things that I find to photograph while I am out walking or working - such as a discarded bike in the mud or a swirl of ice around a tree stump.

Keeping a camera close at hand elements the often heard comment "what a great shot that would make, I wish I had a camera with me." I used to take my camera but left it in the truck, figuring I would go back and get it if I saw something interesting. Needless to say, I missed a lot of shots.

Once I started taking it with me I began to get some great shots. I usually carry a point and shoot if I'm working and a digital SLR otherwise.

Robyn Januszewski


  1. Keith Walker says:

    As I have read elsewhere, the best camera you can have for the photo you want to take is the one you have with you. It may not be what you would really like to use but ANY camera is better than NO camera!

  2. Ramesh Vaidya says:

    hi david, 22.4.07
    since long i am getting the tips reg.
    photography from yyou.i must pay many many thanks.imade a book of those lessons.ofcourse,i had a digital camera , but did not know the guided me very nicely &without any hesitations.again thanks !
    Ramesh Vaidya,Nasik(india)

  3. Hanafi says:

    me too...I carry with me my camera wherever i go so I can get shots whenever possible...

  4. Bob Ross says:

    How about that! Since this was MY SUGGESTION ALSO (and submitted) - although Robyn did go into more detail. Nevertheless - I did send it in and still find that one of the best things I've ever done with a Camera. From Vietnam to Canada to the USA - without having it close by - you'll miss way too many good shots you wish later you had taken - but just couldn't.

  5. Elise Mitton says:

    Well done Robyn, I too submitted this 'keep your camera with you at all times' comment, but it didn't hold a candle to your lovely description of why and examples of what you could miss.....wonderful !! You deserved to win. Thank you too, David for great tips and inspiration. Have just bought a Konica Minolta dimageZ3 on Ebay ! (once I realised I wasn't a winner ! ) Twas all I could afford, so here goes..........time to put all those tips into action. Cheers and Happy New Year to all from Elise in Australia.

  6. Joy says:

    Thank you for the reminder. I can really relate!!! The best photos are often those unplanned.
    Again, thank you. Great shots to everyone in 2007, PhotoJoy

  7. An Deceuninck says:

    to be honest, this is the best suggestion, i ever heard about photography, and tpigh so simple : Thanks Robin!!
    also thanks to D.Peterson for the good tips about DP! An,Belgium

  8. angie roper says:

    Robyn Januszewski: "... Carry a point and shoot ... digital SLR otherwise."
    Such a simple suggestion, that we all should recognize as Basic Rule #1, and yet many of us just do not think that far ahead. ((TY for your winning entry))

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