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Use Negative Space

by David Peterson 9 comments

The third camera winner is Neil Speers, who has a great tip on composition. Congratulations Neil! - David.

Learn to use negative space. Positive space is your subject - a person, an animal, a building, an egg, etc. Negative space is everything else that shows up in the picture. Take five pictures of five different subjects - any subject is fine, just choose five different things.

BUT, concentrate on making the BACKGROUND perfect. That is, concentrate on everything except the subject itself - what is behind and around the subject has to be perfect. Once you've started to pay attention to the negative space, your whole composition will improve.

Neil Speers

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  1. Lisa says:

    i'm only starting to learn all the tricks to great photo's. i totally agree with you..the negative space in a photo, sometimes, tells you a lot more.

    the rule of 3's

  2. Ed V says:

    Ssimply put. As we say in this neck of the woods(Newfoundland)..WICKED..


  3. Ray Mogarte says:

    Definitely one the best tip.

  4. Gary Schneider says:

    Great Composition Tip!

  5. Robyn says:

    Neil, such a simple thing that I do on a regular basis. Thought everyone did it. Congrats for having the fore thought to submit it.

  6. Glenn Kasner says:

    You're so right! Mant brilliant pictures are spoiled by poor "negative space". A little time spent composing the picture to minimise this is wel worth it

  7. Elise Mitton says:

    Yep, will be trying this one with the new camera too !! Cheers Neil from Elise in Oz.

  8. Joy says:

    Thank you for sharing about negative space. My next shots will focus on this technique.
    Congrats !!! PhotoJoy

  9. Hernan says:

    This is a really useful tip! It's a lot better than cleaning up the background afterwards!

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