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Create a Foreground

by David Peterson 9 comments

Justine Stevens has won a digital camera with this great tip that works very well alongside the use negative space tip by Neil Speers. Congrats Julie! - David.

When taking photos most people remember to consider the background. However a really important thing to remember is that we see three dimensionally, and to create amazing photos we should remember our foreground too!

For example in landscapes take your photo down lower and include a rock or leaf in the foreground up close. It really emphasizes the rest of the picture by creating more dimension. Another example when at the beach taking photos of your family and friends, have the beach/sea as your background, people in the middle ground and again take your photo down lower and put a sandcastle, or starfish, shells, or driftwood in the foreground.

Fantastic three dimensional photography! I actually carry a beautiful piece of driftwood in the car with me wherever I go, so I have an instant piece of beauty to create a foreground when there is nothing else around.

Justine Stevens

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  1. karen says:

    enjoying ur tips need more

  2. Charlie Faulk says:

    It amazing how a simple things can be overlooked and you end up wondering what is wrong with your photography - Its like a missing link.

    Thanks for your wisdom


  3. Ed V says:

    I happened upon this website thru aanother photographer. And, I was truly pleased. I gotta get involved.

    thanks mucho.


  4. Jennifer F says:

    a good tip. I've been using this since I got my camera, and it works especially well while, snapping pictures of children, animals, and architechture! (particularly inside churches)

  5. Suzanne Niles says:

    It is a great idea, Justine, and one that I often use especially when I shoot scenery, which is most of the time. But, not wanting to be negative, I find it very distracting in your beautiful wedding photo, as I find myself trying to block out that "distracting" element in the foreground. In my opinion, it draws my attention away from the main subject. But this is just my opinion and I am no expert. My photography teachers always said to remove unrelated elements in our photos. Congratulations on winning.

  6. Elise Mitton says:

    Another great idea that makes such a difference to the photo. Well done Justine.

  7. Joy says:

    Thank you Justine. I'll carry props with me from now on. PhotoJoy

  8. Larry says:

    That is a good tip and I just happened to do that this weekend. I stood by a big tree and that took the right fifth of the picture in focus and another bush about 50ft away was towards the left and out of focus. It was very effective even though that wasnt what I was trying to do for the shot. Had there been some thing else inbetween ther would hve been 3 levels and 3 different depth of field images . Nice.

  9. Hernan says:

    Every so often someone does something that makes me say, "Now why didn't I think of that?" This is one of those. A great tip I will use!

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