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Gain Control Over Your Camera with the Photography Dash

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Have you been wanting to improve your photography for a while, but don't know where to start?

During September, I'm running two concurrent courses on how to gain control over your camera.

Because I want YOUR photography to shine!

The first course is essentially "Photography 101".

Have you found yourself overwhelmed with all the dials and settings your camera provides? Does it feel like you need to scale El Capitan before you can ever switch out of 'auto mode'. Remember, great photos are almost never taken when giving your camera control using auto mode. While your camera has vision, it can't 'see'.

So I'll show you all the basics, starting with some simple guidelines for taking a great picture (regardless of what fancy features your camera has or doesn't have). From there, we'll move on to the features and functions that are essential to grasp, like shutter speed, ISO and white balance. By the end of the series, I’ll make sure you know everything you need to know to advance from raw beginner to knowledgeable novice.

In the second course, I'll show you how to avoid the most common mistakes beginner photographers make.

There's no need to be ashamed of mistakes. We all make them - especially when we're just starting out with photography. Maybe your photos are too blurry. Or they're too dark (or too bright). Do they have an annoying color tint?

The key to mistakes is to learn the cause so you can avoid making the same mistake over and over again. I'll show you eight common problems beginner photographers see with their photographs. I'll explain why they happen; and then provide simple methods and jargon-free solutions so you'll never make those mistakes again!

These courses are all part of my "Photography Dash" - a way to accelerate your photography by learning a new skill twice a week for a month in a supportive environment.

Both these courses are a month long; can be taken in the comfort of your own home; and at your own pace. Take whichever course suits you the best (or take both)! The Dash is a subscription service, so you'll also be able to take advantage of October's topics on Camera Phones and Real Estate Photography. Or you can cancel before the month ends and just participate during September.

What is the Photography Dash?

The Photography Dash gives you the skills to make your photos shine so you can start taking Awesome photos today.

If you haven't heard about the Dash before, read my information page here.

Each month we cover three topics - all packed with tips and techniques for improving your photography. The third topic for September gives you the lowdown on switching to the RAW file format - I'll explain the advantages and disadvantages of the RAW file format, and what making the switch can (and can not) do for your photography.

The Dash is designed for beginner and intermediate photographers. It will be immensely useful if you know nothing about cameras; already know your way around a camera; or just want a refresher. Each lesson you'll learn something new, and have a chance to apply that new knowledge with three optional photographic assignments. There will be lots of bonus content too if you are feeling more adventurous (or already know all the basics).

What happens each week?

Twice a week, I'll email your lesson and an assignment. Each lesson will be on a different subject building from previous days. Usually there will be an article or two to read, three critiques, and optional additional reading material. What's the assignment? It will help you to try out your new skills and solidify your new knowledge.

Each lesson will include super challenges if you want to push yourself. These are entirely optional and won't be easy to complete - but will be very rewarding if you do.

A vibrant Community

As a Dash subscriber, you'll be part of a supportive community. You'll be given access to our special 'subscribers only' website where you'll be able to see photos taken by other participants completing the same assignments as you. If you'd like to know how they took their photo, just ask them! Or just use their photos as inspiration for your own photos.

You can also upload your own photos if you wish. If you do, you'll be in the running to receive one of 24 photo critiques I select throughout the month. I highly recommend you upload your results to the group (even if you're not happy with them) as you'll get feedback and support. If you have any problems or questions, you'll be free to ask at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is the Dash? The Photography Dash is a subscription course. Each month we tackle new topics (see the full list here). If you only want to participate in September's courses, just cancel before the end of the month.

How much will it cost? The Dash costs US$25 per month per topic. Even less when you purchase multiple topics or months. The charge is because I know that when you are invested in something, you're much more likely to complete it. And I want everyone to use the Dash to improve their photography.

Do I need an expensive DSLR camera? No. The Dash is designed for all cameras including Point and Shoot and Phone cameras.

How will I receive the material? I'll be emailing your lessons and assignments, and you'll be part of a private community where you can share your images and stories with other participants.

Can I use a tablet or phone? Yes, you can use either to both access the materials and take photos (although you'll get better results using a dedicated camera).

I don't know much about my camera. Is this for me? Absolutely! In fact, this is especially for you. Each day's lessons are designed for beginners and intermediate users alike.

When can I sign up? You can signup right now!.

I'll be away for some of the time. Can I still participate? Yes! If you have Internet access where you are going, being away is a perfect time to participate, as you'll be able to explore your new location with your camera.

Can I see a list of topics? Yes! See the topics for the Beginner's Dash, Avoiding Common Mistakes and Switching to RAW.

I don't live in the USA. Will that be a problem for participation? Not at all. I plan to send the new day's content at the same time twice a week. There will be plenty of time for uploading and interacting with others. I won't be closing off the galleries for previous assignments either, so you can still view images and upload your own. There's no penalty for being a little late.

Have a question I don't cover here? Please ask me.

I can't think of a better way to supercharge your photography. Let's do it!


This course was definitely worth it. As a beginner in photography I have learnt a considerable amount about my camera and what it is capable of doing. I am definitely going to register for the other dashes. -- Laura

I highly recommend this course. I have been taking pictures for years and this is the first time I have taken a photograph that looked as good if not better than the real thing! And this was in the first week!! -- Peter Macready, Guadalajara, Mexico

I have been wanting to do a photography class for a long time but could not find the right one.I tried the Dash Class and found it very comfortable for me as a beginner. The pace was right and the content very comprehensive and easy to follow. Great for inexperienced folks like me. -- Elizabeth Clarke

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