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Get Paid To Use Your Digital Camera!

by David Peterson 19 comments
Update: Camera Dollars is no longer on the market, so I have removed the links. David.

I think this has got to be nirvana for simple money making - doing what you love and getting paid for it.

Would you like to use your new found photography skills from following my tips to earn lots of money?

It's possible and it's very easy with this new training system called Camera Dollars.

You don't need:
  • any training! Even 'newbies' can quickly make money.
<li>to take 'special' or eye catching photos. Images like the one on the right are fine!</li>

<li>special printers or expensive photography equipment</li>

<li>to create any websites or ship anything</li>

<li>to do any customer support!</li>

This is because using the power of the Internet, you can earn cash by 1. Taking photos and 2. Uploading them online. That's it!

Learn how with this simple step-by-step formula by Brian Moore called "Camera Dollars".

Camera Dollars is an ebook that tells you everything you need to know to start a hobby business selling your photos online. There's no customers, no headaches, and no deadlines.

If you want some extra cash (or even to start a home based business), I highly recommend this product. And you know that coming from me that means something.

In my quest for the 'best on the market', I purchase almost every photography related product that's offered online so I can pass on the truly fantastic products to you, my valued subscriber. And I've found that most of these products are junk. They don't give all the information, or don't offer proper support, or provide resources to help you out.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I purchased Camera Dollars. The ebook is over 100 pages and jam packed full of useful information like :

  • Where to upload your photos to (you'd be surprised - there are more locations than just stock photo sites)
  • What kinds of photos to take to earn maximum dollars
  • How much you can expect to receive for each type of picture
  • How to turn your photos into stunners that clients will want to buy
  • Which sites in particular pay for your work
  • The types of photos that pay the best
  • What you need to know about copyright law so your photos won't be stolen.
  • The tips needed to succeed!
  • and much more...

Take a look today. Brian is running a limited time 50% off special price, and offering free access to his VIP membership area.

Have you used this product to make some extra cash? Share your experiences below...

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  1. says:

    When you make a screensaver you will learn how to use your digital camera and your software.

  2. David Peterson says:

    Sorry, it looks like Camera Dollars is no longer available, so I've removed the links from this page. I'll research some other alternatives and will write another blog post when I find a suitable one.

    • Calen says:

      Hi Dave,

      It's been over 3 years since you wrote this article. Have you found any alternatives to "Camera Dollars"?


  3. Michele says:

    Rudespace shows up with some babe in lingerie holding handcuffs. WTF?

  4. Ridder says:

    Ehh, when clicking on both links, i get redirected to a website called "Coming soon" wich dispays a lady in lingeie :|

  5. Ferolini says:

    You are so cool David! I think this is what I've been looking for to start off a career in doing what i love! Im forever taking photos mostly family and especially rugby but i just dont have that "technical" software to make my photos look more interesting. The closest i have to photo editing would be my MS Office - MS Picture Manager. How basic is that? Any suggestions on what sort of beginner software i could start off with within budget? I am new to this field and willing to know ANYTHING that'll help me get my career to take off! Always looking forward to more of your tips.

  6. Paul says:

    Thanks to David for such a prompt reply... it adds a big dose of confidence to the whole concept/opportunity.

  7. David Peterson says:


    There are some parts (like model releases) where I suggest you get some local advice. But otherwise the information is useful all around the world. In fact, in other countries you sometimes have an advantage because there is less competition.


  8. Paul says:

    Hi. Will this ebook be relevant to someone in Australia? I have found that many promotions like this originate in the USA and might be fine for the USA e-commerce market but because other countries operate differently or do not yet have e-commerce markets as sophisticated as the USA, the advice has limited applicability.

  9. Aldric says:

    Dave is good man...

    He helps others...

    that's the most important bit...

    stay focused bro...


  10. Sivuyile says:

    There are no comments everything it's all good.

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