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GE enters digital photography market

by David Peterson 1 comment

GE has become known selling for some pretty good (and cheap) consumer electronics. They announced this week, that they will shortly start to sell digital cameras.

There's no word yet on models, or pricing but I bet they will be competitive. The cameras will feature at least 7 megapixels of resolution and 2.5-inch LCD screens.

More competition in any market is always a good thing, and I welcome GE's entry. Watch out for the cameras to appear in stores starting in April 2007.


  1. Esia Romales says:

    GE, inton digital cameras. . .isn't that special. Maybe they will be able to expand their ever expanding market with IRAN! Traitors!

    I wouldn't buy a GE product if they were selling every product they make for a dollar. Filthy traitors!


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