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Picnik online photo editing

by David Peterson 6 comments

Picnik closed in 2013. This article is no longer relevant.

Picnik is a new online image editing program.

It handles all the image modification operations that you would expect - rotation, cropping, brightness/contrast, white balance, and sharpening. Most of these have 'auto fix' buttons where Picnik will make the change for you to the best settings.

You can transfer images from your computer, your webcam, a website or your Flickr account for editing. Alternatively, you can search for photos from others to edit.

The main difference between Picnik and other editing programs (like Photoshop or even Picasa) is that is uses Wed 2.0 technologies to edit images right in your browser. You don't need to download or install a program. Which I think is just perfect for editing your photos 'on the go'.

I was most impressed that Picnik includes a levels tool (found under the Advanced button in the Exposure area). This is an advanced exposure correction tool that not many free programs have.

They are still developing the software, so there are a few 'coming soon' features. But the basics are all these. And to be honest, the basics are usually all we need.

Check it out, and add it to your bookmark!

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  1. ashleyy says:

    i Use Picnik Almost Everyday Because iT`s Just That Amazing! iT Makes My Pictures Look Nice,Creative&&Spontanious (HowEverYouSpellThat..) iT Just Brings Joyy To My Pictures(: <33 ...
    Sincerely Yours,

  2. Clint Taplin says:

    I have heard that it is a good program and would like to try it

  3. krishnan says:

    My name is krishnan. I am a freelance photogrpaher and enjoy reading tips from Dave. In fact when I was new to this industry Mr Dave opened my eyes a couple of years ago. Under his guidance and tips which I read regularly. I became well versed in using DSLR cameras. and I have covered many high profile events using this skills. none of my customers complained so far only left compliments. these compliments goes to Mr David peterson. a very dedicated guru whose tips has been a fundamental tool for a person like me. I knew nuts about photography when I took the camera. today I am a professional. you can view my photos in my website and in this link. http://picasaweb.google.com/elephant18/PhotoMarathon

  4. Road_killer24 says:

    Hi David
    I'm doing new project for my photography A-level and it's about distortion and abstraction of the human form. I'm finding this difficult to do on my photo editing software. Have you any tips or idea of what I could do?

  5. Andre Lubbe says:

    Hi David
    How can I protect/copyright my photo's when I put them on a CD for potential customers to view, and is there a way or program I can use to copyright DVD's I make of functions etc.?

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