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Eliminate Red Eye In Camera Phones

by David Peterson 3 comments

Camera phones are getting much more powerful. FotoNation is introducing the world’s first red-eye technology for camera phones. Digital Cameras have had red eye detection and reduction software for a while now, I guess it was only a matter of time until this popular feature made it to camera phones. It will initially be available on the Nokia N73, N80 and N93 series of phones.

What is Red Eye? Checkout my Red Eye tutorial.

I think this is a great step forward. Camera phones are very handy when you want to snap that shot of your friends but don't have your 'real' camera with you. However, they are as susceptible to red eye problems as digital cameras and you'd normally need to copy your image to your computer to fix the red-eye afterwards. This software will fix the red-eye for you, so you can send your image on immediately!

FotoNation Press Release

FotoNation Fixes Red-Eye Directly in the Camera Phone No Software Re-Touching Needed

February 22, 2007, Burlingame, CA—FotoNation (http://www.fotonation.com), a world-leading imaging and connectivity solutions company for the digital photography industry, announced today the world’s first red-eye technology for cameras phones, the FotoNation award-winning Red-Eye Correction Technology. A highly portable software implementation, FotoNation’s Red-Eye Correction Technology is directly embedded in the camera phone so consumers can automatically take perfect red-eye free photos from their camera phone every time, with no software re-touching needed.

FotoNation is the leading licensor of embedded red-eye reduction technology to the digital camera industry, with licensees including Kodak, Nikon, PENTAX, Sanyo, Samsung, Nikon, and and other popular brands. The company recently won the prestigious 2006 European IST award in recognition of its superior automatic correction of the red-eye photographic problem and has been issued 2 United States patents with over 20 additional patents pending in the U.S., Europe, and the Far East.

Since more powerful flashes are now shipping with the latest models of cameras phones, red-eye technology is crucial for taking photos with these devices. The presence of stronger flash technology, as well as the close proximity of the flash to the lenses of camera phones also contributes to the frequent occurrence of red-eye.

“FotoNation’s Red Eye detection and reduction technology has become the defacto standard for embedded implementations of red-eye correction in today’s digital cameras,” said Eran Steinberg, CEO of FotoNation. “We have optimized the implementation of our red-eye technology over many different DSC platforms. Our most recent port to mobile camera platforms is the logical next step.”

FotoNation Red-Eye Technology automatic detection and correction of red-eye will be available on the Nokia N73, N80 and N93 series of camera phones. FotoNation will be demonstrating this new capability at the Photo Marketing Association Show (PMA) in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 8-11, 2007.

For more information on FotoNation, see http://www.fotonation.com

About FotoNation

FotoNation is a world-leading independent provider of embedded imaging and communication solutions for the digital camera industry. The company’s extensive portfolio of patented innovations includes embedded red-eye removal technology, wireless connectivity, and face-recognition software. FotoNation develops innovative solutions, patents, and products to enhance, extend, and simplify the picture taking and sharing experience. Clients include AOL, Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, Microsoft, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung, Sanyo, and Sony, among others.

FotoNation is a 2006 winner of the prestigious European IST award for its Red Eye Detection and Correction Technology. The company continues to make important industry-wide contributions to the advancement of digital imaging. In 2005, FotoNation authored the industry-adopted PTP-IP Specification, which is the basis of the international camera connectivity CIPA-005/2005 standard.


  1. Francis says:
    • I still think the camera is a tool but there are good and bad tools. Assuming that the spec for both caraems and lenses is similar, the ONLY time you'll be able to see any difference is when the resulting images are compared side by side. And even then it's nuances rather than very definable characteristics. Put either one in the hands of a good photographer and the images would still be acceptable or superb. In the case of these two images, it's the latter.
  2. Amit Inamdar says:


    I have a great problem faced in real life that I & my mom have same habit of sleeping while watching TV. Now due to this we lose lot on power in general there are sleep timers & it is very boring method.

    I feel if we can have camera attached to TV & if it can flash after some time & check the red eyes of people watching TV & if it found no red eye means person watching TV is sleeping so software can give a warning on screen & shut down device after 2-5 min. This would save the power consumption same we can apply for computer monitors etc.

    +91-9423036947 (India/Maharashtra/Pune)

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