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Small Fingers needed for new Digital Cameras

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The Canadian Press has an interesting story about the miniaturization of digital cameras. Because camera manufacturers can now pack so much into a tiny space, putting more and more features into a smaller camera, they are finding that it's harder to keep cameras simple and easy to use.

Plus the smaller cameras are, the smaller our fingers need to be to operate them. And I don't know about you, but I'm finding it harder and harder to operate the controls. And because there seem to be less controls (probably because they can't fit them on the camera), we are forced to navigate unfriendly menus to access the features we want.

Touch Screen CameraIt has been made easier recently with cameras like the Sony Cybershot DSCN1 incorporating a touch screen, but I still don't think camera companies have gone far enough.

I'd love to see a manufacturer come out with a truly easy-to-use interface for cameras. Something that is intuitive and doesn't require hours to learn. Hopefully Apple with their soon-to-be-released iPhone (with built in 2mp camera) will have a great camera interface. Apple after all are known for their great designs and easy to use products.

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