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Featured Websites For 11 November 2010

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There's a lot happening in photography nowadays. This week I'm starting a new regular series where I summarise a few of the great articles on photography I find around the net during the week. They might be kooky, sad, interesting, or full of great info. But one thing I promise: they are all a good read.

Macro: 7 Tips for Photographing Insects

Read some simple and effective tips for photographing insects in this article from Light Stalking. I particularly love tip 6 where they show a sensational insect photo taken with a simple Point and Shoot camera!

One Photo A Day Travel Photography Blog

I'm jealous of Trey Ratcliff. His excellent blog, StuckInCustoms makes a simple promise - He'll upload a new photograph each day for a year. And some of them are stunning too. Take my advice and add this site to your RSS reader, or follow Trey on Twitter @treyratcliff. Admire his photos, but also take the opportunity to learn some of his techniques.

Why Do You Take Photographs?

Have you ever stopped to think why you love taking photos? Don Giannatti has, and has written a thought provoking piece about his love of photography as a business.

The Top Five iPad Apps for Photographers

Have an iPad? (I don't but I'd love one). PDN has a roundup of the Top 5 iPad apps. These apps are for professional photographers, not simple 'capture and slightly modify my photo' apps that you see on the iPhone. So the prices are a little hefty, but if you want to impress your clients, there's nothing better!

Great Migrations

If you're in the USA, make sure and catch a new seven part series from National Geographic called "Great Migrations". It started last week, but if the photos on the Boston Globe's website are any guide, it will have some fantastic cinematography!

How to Photograph Soup

I was intrigued by this blog post heading. I've created tips on food photography, but haven't really though about the intricacies of soup photography. Neel from LearnFoodPhotography has and has written a short essay on how to photograph soup. Well worth a read even if to discover what food photographers look for.

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