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Street Photography Competition Winner and Runners Up

by David Peterson 3 comments

What a wonderful response! Almost 500 pictures were entered into my Street Photography competition. There were so many great photos uploaded it was too hard to choose just one, so I've chosen 13. One winner and 12 runners up. But congratulations to everyone for getting out there and taking part.

There could only be one winner, however. Congratulations to Shao Ying for taking this brilliantly beautiful shot close to the great wall of China. The reds and colors stand out against the stark white snow. Your $50 gift voucher is on it's way!

If you missed out, try again as I have a new competition starting this week.

12 Runners Up

There were so many great images, that I couldn't just choose one. Here are the 12 runners up. Sorry guys you don't win anything other than recognition!

Melbourne Street by AM

I love the deep blue-green color of the street in this photo. The short focus length adds some drama to the background of the image.

Street carnival by cidmiranda

Not only is the kid cute, but I love the composition of this photo. It places the children smack bang in the middle of the city.

It's not often you see an elephant walking down the street! I chose this photo because it highlights the wonderful differences between city and country.

Frozen Bicycles by muphotra

What works in this photo is the justaposition between the summer-weather bicycles and the snow of winter.

Night Time Stroll by mdev1

Here's a great example of where an out of focus main subject can work. You get the sense of movement of the couple against the sharp focus of the tunnel. A beautiful choice of black and white for this photo.

Misty Morning by zuraisham

Remote village streets are an excellent opportunity to see life in a different world. The greens and browns here are spectacular as well.

VIP Lounge by mikai

You get the feeling you're looking at the crowd from this couple's vantage point. I love how the photographer chose to tell a story with this photo rather than just shooting the crowd below.

Two Worlds by StrixRex

The title says it all. When you're looking for a story to tell, you can see lots of great photos. I also like the low angle this was shot from. Not an ordinary eye-height photo.

Here comes trouble by pbdweeeebie

Another great use of black and white and the focus on the boy is spot on. This image was uploaded in support of a Christian mission in Mozambique. While this photo didn't win, I've emailed the uploader to make my own donation.

Smile by kristina_61

I love photos that show out of place subjects. I love the horse in the same shot as a bus! The coachman looks decidedly uncomfortable at being photographed though.

Street Shop by cidmiranda

This is like a 'where's wally' on the street. I also love the optical illusion. When taken from this angle, this street looks like it's a series of steps and the shoppers have set up their stalls on the steps.

keep smile by darmana

I first thought this photo wouldn't be eligible, but it's not of a street. Then I read the photo notes. "Old Woman At Floating Market". A street market is a street market even if it's on water. Beautifully composed and shot.


  1. Elmarie says:

    Hi David

    The street competition was fun and very interesting because of its variations. Just shows you, we must think outside of the box :) Congratulations to all the winners. Well done!

  2. Arie Darmana says:

    Dear David,

    High appreciate and many thanks for Street Photography Competition, its a great competition with objective judge, I m very happy be apart of competition and my photo "keep smile.." was chose as one of runners up photos..
    Congratulation for the winner and runners up..
    I'm still waiting info n invitation for the next competition.

    warm rgds,
    Arie Darmana

  3. Ransika says:

    Thank you for giving us a rare chance to see good photos with your short comment. I learned new ideas enjoy all those shots.

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