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Light Trails Photography Competition Winner and Runners Up

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Thanks all for another great response to last week's competition on Light Trails. This week's winner gets a $50 Amazon gift voucher. Miss out? There's always the next competition!

Congratulations to Scott W for his teriffic shot of him driving around a roundabout to make a Yin-Yang with his head and tail lights. I love this image because it's striking and simple. The only thing I would change (and I've taken the liberty of doing so in the above photo) is to crop out some of the black on the top and bottom. But well done Scott. Your $50 gift voucher will arrive shortly.

If you missed out, try again as I have a new competition starting this week.

Special Mentions

Here are the other uploaded photos that caught my eye. Or see all the photos uploaded.

Rides at the Fair

The vibrancy of the colors and large foreground shape along with the background smaller lights sucked me into this photo.

Xmas Wrap

Took me a little while to work out how this photo was created. I'm guessing it was a person walking past the camera dressed in Christmas lights.

Lights in the Park 03

I love the light effect here. The photographer used a neat trick of zooming in with the lens to make the light streak rather than waiting for the lights to move past his camera.

Light Wave

Another trick photo created with someone waving a light around. I love the contrast between the black and light trails here, as well as the increased brightness where the light was pointing at the camera.

Lights on Broadway

You can't have a competition on light trails without including a street scene. I chose this because the photographer was in with the traffic (rather than being on a bridge) and included other lights around.

Sparkling Eyes

Speaking of telling a story, this photo does. The title makes me think immediately of a cat's eyes and the sparks are it's raised fur.

Mountainside Light Trails

Last, but definitely not least. The car lights buzz in this photo and the long exposure shows the detail in the mountainside - even far away from the camera.

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