Focus on Photography
Part 1 – Stunning Portraits

Due to a technical issue, captions are not working on this video. Instead, watch this video with captions included.

There are four parts to this video series. Part 2 will be sent to your email tomorrow.

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  1. Niven. says:

    Thank you for your insight, I am sure it will make a big difference in building up my photography know-how in the future.

  2. Henriette says:

    Is Focus available on IPAD?

  3. John Leslie says:

    Hi David,just looked at part 1 where Amy is talking about white balance using grey cards or white paper even the tarmac on roads,I beleive there are two others that can work ie the palm of your hand & green grass are very similar to 18% grey,please correct me if you feel im wrong,regards John L.

  4. Maria Martinez says:

    Amy, I was wondering, do you sell the magazine’s?

  5. Linda Jansen van Rensburg says:

    Excellent, loved it! Thanks so much.

  6. Linda Jansen van Rensburg says:

    Excellent! Thanks so much

  7. Lynette Pereira says:

    Hi David,
    Thank you, I really enjoyed the video and its given me the push to pick up my camera again instead of what I have been doing for the past month which has been to learn but not to practice taking actual pictures.
    Watching you and Amy has reminded me just how much fun it is to produce photographs that bring enjoyment to those around me. Looking forward to the rest of the videos too :)

  8. I do thank you for sharing the first part of the video. It was very helpful, and I would very much like to receive the other parts. You are great David!

  9. Ghassem Kabiry says:

    I do thank you for sharing the video. It was very helpful, and I would very much like to receive the other parts. You are great David.

  10. David B says:

    Good and interesting video with a fair bit of information. For free who can complain! At the bottom of the sign up page there is a PPS that mentions a special offer if you pay the $180 up front but no information as to what the special offer is. Any clues?

  11. Raj Yuvaraj says:

    I am a little confused.When one subscribes to Amy’s magazines, do we get an actual magazine or is it print that we have to read off the computer.I want a real magazine so that I can take it along during my travels.

  12. Sandy Psiurski says:

    I’m not one who likes to listen to video interviews. It would be better to provide 1 free issue of the ezine for people to view, flip through the pages, and experience to help sell the subscription.

  13. Susan says:

    I have a galaxy s3 on Verizon. The player comes up and some communication happens but nothing plays.

  14. @Dave,

    Please try again now. I upgraded the video player to support captions, but it looks like it’s not working properly. I’ve gone back to the old player for now.


  15. Dave Fincham says:

    I keep getting a load error on the online video. “Could not load Player configuration”. Any cluse how to resolve this?

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