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Amazing Ideas for Photography

Have you run out of things to photograph? All the obvious subjects like your family, pets and local surroundings seem boring (and your family is so sick of you asking them to pose that they run as soon as they see the camera).

This course will help you! I'll provide hundreds of great ideas for things to point your camera at... plenty to keep you inspired by your photography for years to come!

And here's the secret: Great images are really easy to create... when you have an idea beforehand of your goal. It's like searching for a lost object. How can you find it when you don't know what you are looking for! This course will fill your mind with images and subjects - goals you can't wait to photograph!

A field of wildflowers goes great with a little girl in a pretty dress!

What's in this course?

  • Every week for a year, I'll guide your photography with plenty of ideas and practical advice.
  • Sometimes we'll follow the seasons (for example you'll learn how to express 'cold' in a photo during Winter)
  • Other times we'll concentrate on worldwide celebrations (for example the amazing 'Endings' topic in December)
  • You'll receive all the content immediately, both online and as an eBook.
  • And as a friendly reminder, I'll email you each Tuesday for a year with the challenge for that week (you can also elect not to receive the email reminders)

Click each of the headings below for a sneak peek of the content!

Stunning Photos in Any Weather Condition

All light is 'good light' for photography! In this course, I aim to teach you how to take amazing photos even if the weather is abysmal. No need to wait for days with blue skies and fluffy clouds.

I'll show you how to best setup your camera to work in every weather situation, and how you can create lovely compositions from any situation under the sun (or cloud or moon!)

Each Week Contains

Each week's article is a short ten minutes reading with sections taken from the following headings:


A short introduction to the topic of the week. I'll get you in the mood, and explain what we'll accomplish this week.

Finding Inspiration

Stuck for ideas? This section will fire the gun on your creativity by asking questions designed to stimulate your imagination so you'll be able to take an awe-inspiring shot.

Using Your Senses

Part of the art of Photography is capturing senses other than vision. How can you convey a windy day when you can't see wind (and your photo is static)? How can viewers of your photo smell the lovely apple-pie just out of the oven? In this section, I'll show you how.

How It's Done

In this section, I'll deconstruct three example photos. I'll explain why the photos work (including what composition or lighting was used, and why), as well as the usual camera settings needed for these kinds of shots. This section is perfect if you're out of ideas, and need extra inspiration.

Challenge Yourself

Here, I'll reveal a more advanced take on the subject of the week. For example, when we're talking about photographing wild birds, I'll show you how to take photos of wild birds with fast-moving wings sharp in the image (rather than a messy blur).

Thinking Creatively

With some topics, it helps to think outside the box. In this section, I'll illustrate some more ways of tackling the subject. For example, how do you photograph the Road Trip concept inside?

Some Other Ideas

In this section, I'll deconstruct three more example photos (like "How It's Done" above) - however these examples have a slight twist on the topic. I'll again explain what methods were used to create each photo, and why they work.

Your Turn

Over to you! I'll conclude the article with some final notes and a photographic challenge.

Nothing says autumn like kids playing in piles of fallen leaves!

No Jargon - Use ANY Camera!

I've avoided using technical jargon in this course, so you'll get amazing insights; even if you're new to photography. And when I use a term that not everyone would know, I link to a separate article that fully explains the term.

More advanced photographers will love the "Challenge Yourself" section where I'll cover some of the more difficult topics.

And you can use your current camera! My techniques work for Point and Shoot, Bridge and DSLR cameras - even the camera on your phone!

Free Bonus worth $27 - "Wild and Wacky"

Go Beyond the Ordinary!

If you purchase "Photograph Your Year" before 7th March, I'll include "Wild and Wacky" for free. This is an 85 page ebook that will help you create amazing images that you can never see in 'real life'. And except for one technique, you won't need any fancy editing programs! These can all be done in-camera.

Here's what's included in the ebook:

  • Camera Toss
  • Spinning Drill
  • Intentional Blur
  • Zoom Effect
  • Multiple Exposures
  • Freelensing
  • Slow Sync Flash
  • Intentional Overexpose
  • Shooting Through Prisms
  • Vaseline
  • Convex Lenses
  • Bokeh Panorama
  • Shaped bokeh
  • Water bokeh
  • And a lot more!

Photograph Your Year!

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  • Is this just for DSLR owners? No! This course caters for any gear from a DSLR to the camera on your phone! Taking great photos is not about what camera you have - it's about capturing the special moments of life.
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Course Stats

  • 52 articles - one a week for a year
  • Over 400 ideas for wonderful photos!
  • 65,000 words. That's the equivalent of a 300 page book.
  • Over 350 beautiful and idea-inspiring images!

Nothing says 'spring' like newborn animals.